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Boho at The Prado – Balboa Park

There is a captivating element to Balboa can seem almost other worldly...or somehow removed from the modern world. With its stunning architecture and captivating nature...its an easy place to let your mind wander and imagination lets be transported to another time and place, with this vintage boho look...we leave the unfolding of this story to your imagination...

Dress - Forever 21 (not current)

Globe Ring by : Maru Lopez of Maru Jewelry

Maru Lopez one of a kind jewelry is available at the Mingei International Museum Located in Balboa Park

For more info on her amazing jewelry visit:

Feather Ring : Etsy- Karamboola

Top Necklace: Target

Center Necklace: Etsy - Ruby Robin Boutique

Bottom Necklace: Christmas gift

Leather Flip Flops: Abercrombie & Fitch 

Turkish Towel/Shawl: Bowen Barn - Stanfordville, NY

Earrings: Thrifted

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as we enjoyed taking the photos for it!

Xo ~ The Sibs

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