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Bloopers, Highlight Reels and Everything In-between

Hi Fam!

So this is a little mix of #mondaymotivation meets #midweekmadness.

This weeks Youtube video is full of our bloopers and behind the scenes for 2020!

Yup that’s Jared’s sneeky face... let’s just say the dude and bubble wrap may not be the best combination for ones nerves 😬🙄

This happened in the same day...he decided to “clean off the table” with a leaf blower...feel free to use your imagination on the mess he actually made!

Let me tell you...we have a BUTT TON of outtakes, stupid convos, stuff that wasn’t supposed to happen... you get the idea. Next, let me say...not all of it made it into the “highlights”. (Another mini video/vlog will happen...the one where I get so overwhelmed I burst into tears...oh happened.)

At that point, in our first video entire bag of pasta broke out onto the floor and counter top, cameras kept falling off their stands...I was already thinking about all the editing I had to do....oh yeah recipe for the “perfect meltdown.”

And while we HOPE the crazy makes you chuckle a bit we just wanted to take a moment to remind you that life’s bloopers happen, be they funny, tragic, or both and everything in between...the point isn’t perfect, no one is perfect (except God😁🙌) and really that is 100% ok! So take time to allow yourself to process and create your very own blooper reel. No person is a carbon copy of another...we are all unique and different and that truly makes life so beautiful!

Oh yeah... that time Jared dumped water on me....

Until the next post!

We love ya fam!

X ~ Janna, Jared & Jenneka

Sibs & Co

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