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Big Rock Christmas Tree Farm

Follow us on a quest for this year's perfect Christmas Tree...

We are definitely partial to Big Rock Farms, located in the heart of Stanfordville, NY on Creamery Road;  this little Tree Farm with its small town charm, has trees so perfect people have been known to travel from NYC - pick a tree, strap it to their car and drive back.

If you haven't gotten your tree, wreaths and/or garland yet, we highly recommend taking a trip over! They are opened this weekend 9am-5pm! And weekdays by appointment.

We left the truck and began our search...

But not without a few laughs before we got started...

But enough silly stuff....this was serious 

We needed to find our tree and of course we chose the coldest day in December so was freezing!!!! But sooooo worth it!

We FOUND IT! A cute little (okay...maybe not so little) Balsam Fir....fragrant and festive. Jared was ready ....

He came....he 'sawed'....he conquered!

Better yet....WE conquered;-)

And had a bailing good time...

Tree Secured:-)

In the end we met with Mike, the owner of the Tree Farm....who makes the roping, wreaths and personally trims every tree each year by hand...Yeah.....skilled!  

Getting our tree this year was a team event!

A special Thank You to Big Rock for letting us goof off and take pics as we searched for our tree this year.

And a special Thanks to Brian Underhill (who took the photos) and Arturo V. for braving the cold with all of us.

XO ~ The Sibs



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