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Beauty and The Beast Party Tease and 4 Tips to Remember When Choosing Party Favors

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

It started with a spoon....

Oftentimes while planning a party, it is very easy to forgo gifts for the guests. Most of the time the thought is...really, no one will even use (insert favor idea here). Yet, sending guests home with a little something is a wonderful way of helping them continue to enjoy the party long after the last piece of cake has been polished off.

Okay, the entire idea for a Beauty and the Beast themed Birthday Party did not fabricate from a rose demi spoon (more on the how this party came to be in a later post), rather we found the spoon while searching the internet for ideas  for said party.


It really started with a rose! You know that little thread in Beauty and The Beast that sort of just strings you along until the final moments where the last petal falls, Belle professes her Love for the Beast, and you know the rest.

Everything turns out to end Happily Ever After.

So the rose became the favor theme....Then a rose spoon.....and then the thought of..."there must be more than this provincial" uh spoon. What, too much...?

So back on track....the spoon lead to tea and not just any tea!

This tea was enchanted...for it would break the curse of the mundane ordinary tea to customize a perfect blend of flavors made to order to the recipient's hearts desire.

In other words....this amazing Etsy shop (Takeout Tea) customizes and combines your choice of teas to create something beyond your wildest taste bud dreams all while packed in adorable "takeout" style boxes.

For Livia's 4th Birthday and in keeping with the theme we wanted to go with a rose tea, yet were nervous that rose tea would wind up being a bit to floral for most palates, but never fear, because Nicole was brilliant in helping us navigate the balance of finding a rose tea that didn't taste like soap. She suggested we start with a delicate white tea base, add the lightly floral almost citrusy rosebuds and blossoms, then finish the mix with a hint of warming ginger. Perfect to aid in digestion after a huge feast fit for royalty.

And now to the Nitty-Grity.

 4 Tips To Remember When Choosing Party Favors.

  1. If you have a "theme" try and stay with it. Whether the focal point is a color scheme (For instance  a green color themed party could have stuffed green baggies with green jelly beans - Jared voted green slime...but yeah-anywho...) Look for ways to have the favor of choice carry the detailed nuances of a party.

  2. Favors that are heartfelt are best. It could be a poem written on a lovely piece of paper commemorating the occasion, a flower or even a few sprigs of fresh herbs guests can use later. One Thanksgiving we made personalized mini jars of homemade applesauce for each guest. Favors don't need to be costly - fun and from the heart hold deeper meaning in the end.

  3. Think; would my guests use/enjoy this? Typically, if you ask yourself this simple question and at least think about it (if 1/2 your guests are allergic to chocolate and may want to pass on the personalized hershey kisses) You can usually come to a solution that is inclusive to all recipients.

  4. When it is all said and done...will I enjoy/use this and if I have leftover favors can I reuse or give them away. More often than not, guests can forget to grab their goodie bags...thus leaving you with bags of  "Happy Birthday Grammy" candy or well over a dozen extra Unicorn Rubber duckies (true story). While our affinity for cute little bath toys for our "nieces" is a very real thing, we needed to fill the tub with water and not just toys...soooo the extras went to friends, family and daycare. In essence have a bail out plan, make sure Grandma will enjoy a years worth of personalized candy or be willing to eat it all yourself.

Tea Party Favors by :Takeout Tea - Etsy

More items Coming to their shop Soon!

And there you have it.....the details on how we achieved our "happily ever after" party favors....good until the last petal drops.

Stay tuned....more details of the "Beauty and the Beast" party to be revealed soon....

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