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Easy Autumn Sangria

Ahhhhh Fall…the cool crisp air, the colorful leaves on the trees…and our new favorite Autumn Sangria!

Fam…the “Sib Speakeasy” is back with this very tasty and visually appealing cocktail! Honestly it’s now one we like to have on the ready for all of our fall entertaining!

It’s also quite simple to make….


1 bottle sweet dessert wine

(We used Sabba Estate Vinyard - Three Hearts Ice Wine)

1 bottle sparkling dry white wine

(We used P.r.ose Blanc - an Italian sparkling wine-extra dry)

2 cans cranberry citrus seltzer

(We used Good&Gather)

3 oz Cointreau or orange liqueur of choice

2 medium apples

3 small pears

5 sprigs of Rosemary

5-6 cinnamon sticks

Dash of ground clove

Teaspoon whole cloves (optional)

Extra cinnamon sticks and rosemary for garnish

Mix all ingredients together in large punch bowl or pitcher and Voila! We love how the sweet wine balances with the dry sparkling wine! Plus the added kick from the Cointreau…and for us it’s an extra special beverage because we got to use pears and apples from our backyard!

Serve in your favorite glass, garnishing with an extra sprig of Rosemary and a cinnamon stick!


~ The Sibs

Janna, Jared & Jenneka

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