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About Us...

They're creepy and they're kooky

Mysterious and spooky

They're all together ooky....”

The Temkin family.....

Hahaha...ok...maybe not exactly....but...we just couldn’t resist a little bit of seasonal fun!

For real now, as of late we have seen a few new faces around here and thought it may be time to re-introduce ourselves! First, welcome to Sibs&Co! A blog run by 3 siblings that has become a creative outlet and a landing page for the people, places and things we love, our entrepreneurial journey, travel adventures, living life in the beautiful Hudson Valley, NY and beyond, recipes, fashion.....and newly opened online shop! Highlighting hand picked products we love and items we have created and designed especially for you.

We collectively enjoy marketing and business but all have our own flare for the creative - be it by re-designing peoples gardens, helping people decorate their homes, creating new recipes, styling photo shoots....

Oh did we mention we were homeschooled? We also did and taught Martial Arts for around 15 years! Huhmmm...maybe we aren’t to far off from that creepy and kooky🤔😂.

Before we continue about us...we have to really take a moment to honor our parents but we are really going to highlight our Mother! She truly was one of the greatest influences in our lives, her tenacity to love God and people was truly inspiring....she didn’t just talk about her faith she lived it! She didn’t just talk about love she showed it and her life was an example of it. In 2017 our lives changed forever when she passed away after facing breast cancer for 11 years (by the way, 11 was her favorite number and in the beginning of her diagnosis she was only given 2 months to live.) Her story and legacy is a driving force in how we currently choose to live. Faith over life to the fullest and relishing every moment...even in the difficult unthinkable times. Remembering to love others because Christ loved us first... and again, choosing to see the good in all circumstances. With that we are forever grateful for both of our beloved parents, who have always gone the extra mile to defy odds and popular belief...who have chosen to do the right thing even when it hurts. For all of this and more—we were parent privileged. Our Papa lives on... and is a man of Wisdom and Wit. Glad we get to call him our Papabear!

Now, while this blog features the 3 of us siblings as a unit...we (contrary to popular belief) are actually all individuals with our own unique views and personalities. And with that here are 5 things (in each of our own words) about ourselves that you may not know😁

So in order of birth appearance here we go!


  1. I love to make lists! They help me feel grounded and productive. They also help get all of the crazy ideas that bounce around my head out so I can see what I need to do!

  2. In the second house we lived in as kids our kitchen had a window over the sink looking into the “bar area” aka Moms desk and the school room. I would pretend I had a cooking show as I experimented in the kitchen. I would close the shutters of the window for a “commercial break” and open them up again with a whole “welcome back” line😂

  3. I love experimenting with it clothing or furniture I love creating spaces that feel like home and putting together outfits that make me or whoever I’m dressing feel confident and comfortable.

  4. One of my current go to songs is “Dirty Paws“ by Of Monsters and Men...although, I have a long list of go to songs in all genres (except super twangy country....Sorry...not sorry).

  5. I can have freak out moments when the house gets to dirty! Sometimes it doesn’t bother me...because let’s be very real, we typically have a butt ton of things all going on at once...but when it does start to get out of hand...or if I’ve put off a good cleaning for the poor siblings have to deal with me having a melt down if the floor has too much pet hair or cat litter on it....

Oh...and apparently, I do appreciate a good pair of shoes😁


*(sisters disclaimer.....he is a jokester...and asking him to write this himself, became well....a on!😂)*

  1. People may not know, I don’t know 5 things about myself.

  2. I’ve been told to be more vulnerable.... People may not know I’m not sure what that

  3. If people hang out long enough they will know I am vulnerable, and then I will kill them:-)

  4. I enjoy day trading when I have the time

(It’s a nerdy hobby)

  1. I really, I mean really.... like chicken!!!!

*Another sister disclaimer... He likes to wear no shoes or full on combat boots....his love of chicken is purely for eating purposes only...and he is waaayyy smarter than he will ever let on! He taught himself how to day I mean...not dumb at all...only dumb comments😳🙄


  1. I am a Soft Pretzel Lover! Currently OBSESSED with the ones from Penn Station in the city...admittedly I downed two in one sitting...yes..I have a problem🤣 Auntie Annies are not too shabby either, or specialty ones from restaurants or street vendors...I’m always game when it comes to Pretzels.

  2. I tend to know random things about cars and have an appreciation for vintage vehicles.

  3. Fashion is a passion. Whether It’s vintage, thrifted or trendy I’m all about it. Hats and meaningful pieces of jewelry that can be worn everyday are my jam. There is a special place in my heart for Sibs & Co wears😜 (please feel free to visit our online shop). And...I’ve always had a thing for all things Adidas.

  4. Coldplay “Clocks” tends to be a favorite go to song. Although, I am keen on most types of music except Country!!! Hahah there are some songs I will listen to but it tends to be a bit too twangy and cringy for me. However, bluegrass and folky are the exceptions to the Country music rule.

  5. My poor siblings are currently living with a light Nazi. Hahah...I can tend to be stingy when it comes to light usage. It’s just a little challenge to see how low we can get the electric bill for the month. Soooo...unless the light is absolutely necessary I’ll go in and flip lights off. I may need to go to therapy for this as I probably shouldn’t be such a stickler...but hey, the bills have been great! Although, my Sibs would probably beg to differ.

So fam there you have it! Are we mysterious and spooky? 😂😜🤣 Anyway, we hope you enjoyed this post and would love to hear from you! Let us know what you thought in the comments or drop us a line with suggestions on content you would love to read more of:-)

Until next time!

Lots of love,

~ Janna, Jared and Jenneka Sibs & Co

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