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A Mother’s Day Tea Tablescape

For us.... it isn't quite Mother's Day until the Lilacs are in bloom! And with the fragrant purple blossoms a flood of inspiration typically follows.....

As was the case for this Lilac inspired Mother's Day Tea. We broke out the vintage Acsons Diamond Chantilly China and created a festive spread. All mis-matched silverware has been collected over the years and the vintage linen napkins were purchased from an antique shop in Portage Wisconsin. The Pimpernel Blue Italian Placemats accented the lilacs to tie in the whole table.

We added a pop of pink with a few Bleeding Heart sprigs and similarly colored flowering branches to bring a bit of texture to the table.

And with the sweet fragrance of lilacs wafting in the breeze tea was served.

 Harney and Sons Mother's Bouquet tea was on the menu....this floral tea is quite lovely in flavor as well as actually changes from blues and greens to a golden reddish brown.

We would love to say we baked everything ourselves....but alas, we did not.  We cheated and opted for these tasty tarts from Adams Fairacre Farms.

Jared couldn't resist sampling the almond coffee cake....

These adorable finials were found at Vintage Wild Orchid in Virginia Beach. 

 To all Mom's and Mother figures we wish you a Happy Mother's Day! Cheers to serving up special memories this weekend!

Lots of Love,

~ The Sibs



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