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8 Tips to Organize and Transform Your Closets

Over the years I‘ve been known to organize a few closets! Be it for family, clients or myself. So, here are a few tried and true tips that help me de-clutter and utilize space to the fullest! *Also, please note that we are so excited to share some of our favorite organizing items through this post with added affiliate links! So you can simply click on the link to view and purchase some of our recommended products. Happy Shopping Everyone!😁

1. Empty out your closet! Yep....all of it! Take out every coat, towel, or what have you!

2. Create Piles! Sort like with like! Usually by the time my closets need going through...everything is splayed in every direction and I find random things that don’t even belong in the space in the first place. So as you empty...start organizing.

3. Have a donate and trash bin close by! Don’t be afraid to get rid of things! Oh as you are emptying and sorting’s the perfect time to decide if it’s time to part with any goods that either have not been used or have been loved so much they are no longer...usable! If you find things that are long past their expiration date...chuck it! Donate or sell any item that you are no longer using.

4. Clean the closet. With actual soap and water...vacuum all the dust bunnies and cobwebs. It will all feel much fresher for having done it!

5. Don’t be afraid to add shelving! I am a huge fan of using every inch of space and making it functional and beautiful all at the same time. Our front entry closet is a multi-functioning space that we use not only for our most worn coats, hats, gloves and scarves, but for guest coats, candles candlesticks and a few quick cleaning supplies.That being said, I added an Ikea Billy shelf for candlesticks and home fragrances. Even small added levels make a difference!

6. Use Labels. For us writing out which bin is for hats or gloves is a game changer! It helps everyone know what goes where! Jared appreciates this (he says it minimizes him getting into trouble 😂). With that said... I LOVE my label making machine....(not our exact one...but here is a similar newer recommendation😁)

7. Make things as Uniform as Possible. I truly understand that everyone has a budget and with that in mind sometimes we need to get creative to stay organized. I love a great bin (like these)to store hats, gloves and small miscellaneous items but painted leftover cardboard boxes work too! I also highly recommend using the same type of hangers. I tend to gravitate toward sturdy wooden hangers (like these) in coat closets and velvet hangers (click here for a favorite) for lighter vests, windbreakers and in regular clothing closets.

8. Store items in ways that utilize and maximize your space. Have coats and clothing face the same way. Maybe a tad OCD but in the end, visually and spatially it works beautifully! Place shoes back into closets or onto shelves with left facing in and right facing out. Instead of placing all candlesticks right side up, stagger so that one stick is base down and the other base side up. (See photo) Take it a step further and place clothing and decor items back into your closet by category and color! 😁

And there you have it Fam! Hope this post inspired you to take on those closet organization projects! Feel free to watch our YouTube video on this topic! As always would love to hear from you! Feel free to drop us a comment or email💖

Until the next post! X ~ Janna, Jared & Jenneka

Sibs & Co.



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