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6 Skin Saving Beauty Tips to Combat Breakouts While Wearing Your Mask During the Pandemic

No one likes a breakout on their once perfectly clear skin and a lot of us aren't exactly LOVING wearing a mask especially during these hot summer months. The combination of extra stress coupled with these unfamiliar coverings on the lower part of our faces...have the potential to wreak havoc on our skin....but - never fear! We have 6 tips that have been keeping our faces breakout free (for the most part...haha...hey no one is perfect;-)

1) Wash Your Mask often.....preferably after each use if you are wearing it for long portions of the day. Between the dust and germs that get on the outside and skin oils, sweat, gum.....(it happened...don't ask...lets just say walking while chewing gum and wearing a mask isn't a strong suit....hahah) particles of your own saliva from talking (and according to Jared......possible stray boogers) on the inside of your mask/face covering is a perfect breeding ground for pimple causing bacteria.

Keep it Clean~

2) Give your moisturizer time to settle after your morning skincare routine. Letting your face absorb some of your AM facial products is a key factor in keeping the products on your face and less on the inside of your mask.

Have Patience~

3) Cut back on full face makeup. At the start of the face covering requirements...I kept finding myself getting ready to go out as usual....not a lot of makeup but just a little bit of a light foundation, concealer, mascara and of course lipstick. I learned the hard way...."Why on earth am I wearing lipstick and putting concealer on my chin when all of that is covered anyway?!" Plus...after sweating under hot masks everything started to melt off..... Not to mention how many scarves, masks and handkerchiefs I've ruined with my makeup and lipstick.

Keep it Simple~

4) Take a Toner Break. If you are wearing your mask all day and can safely manage a momentary mask escape. Spritz or wipe on a refreshing cleansing toner...our go to is rosewater and or witch hazel based toner like Thayers. (not sponsored).

Take a Breath~

5) Stay Hydrated. Although you may be wearing a mask for hours on end try to remember to sip some good old H2O. It is not only great for your skin but it really is necessary to healthy full body function.

Treat Yo-self~

6) Detox your face. We highly recommend through all of this to take extra good care of your skin and body. Detoxing your face with a clay mask once a week is a great intentional time of reflection and resetting your mind set. Take the time to be intentional about your mental health as well as your skins health...because you would be surprised at how quickly your face will show the symptoms of stress!

Take Time to Reflect~

Love ya fam!

X ~ The Sibs

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