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4 Tips for Shipping Gifts This Holiday Season (Covid edition)

It’s the Holiday season....🎶 And during this particular Christmas the likelihood of shipping out your gifts to friends and family is probably higher than usual. Never fear....we have a few tips we are sharing to help take the stress out of shipping. Oh and for those of you wondering why Jared is dressed like an elf.....thats not’s Jingles the elf...Santa sent him to help us wrap up a few things to get everything extra festive. ;-) Santa fired him for the day and sent Jingles to redeem himself. You can watch more of Jingles story on our YouTube channel. But for now....back to our 4 tips.

Tip 1 - Ship Early

Now more than ever it’s important to send out your packages sooner rather than later. Also, make sure you ask your postal provider what the best rate is for your shipping needs.

Tip 2 - Package Properly

First, make sure all of your presents are wrapped in travel friendly wrap...sturdy paper...ribbons and string work better than thin paper and bows that can be easily squished.

Next, it is important to find the best fitting box or packaging bag for your item (you can recycle any boxes you may have collected over the year by repurposing them in this very moment or the lovely professionals at the post office will be able to assist you in finding an appropriate box size or flat rate shipping box depending upon package content😁.)

Tip 3 - Address Properly

No this doesn’t mean saying hello to your Jingles may tell you. Rather, this is more about making sure you have your recipients address ready to be read off Or show to your helpful postal person. Or, if you are writing the address, use your prettiest and neatest penmanship😁.

Tip 4 - Don’t Panic

If you find yourself in a pinch and shipping your items later than you would like...never fear...either be prepared to pay extra or you can just send a text or email stating “Santa may be running a bit late this year...” because honestly, no one has ever minded getting a package after Christmas. It’s the thought that counts.

Hope you enjoyed the read! Until next time,

X ~ The Sibs

Janna, Jared and Jenneka

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