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4 Tips for Finding the Perfect Classic Spring Trench Coat

For my sister Jenneka and I, a classic trench coat is one of our spring wardrobes staple pieces. I can't remember how long I had wanted a neutral classic trench, but I do recall finding my very first vintage London Fog trench coat in a yard sale! Its pictured below on Jenneka and I think I may have scored it for about $10! Since then our collection has grown and we can honestly say, thus far all of our trench coats have been second hand/thrifted or gifted! Yes, that includes our classic and always wanted trench coats from Burburry. I may or may not have slightly freaked out as I found an authentic Burberry trench at a local flea market!

So here are our top four recommendations when looking for your perfect Trench Coat!

Janna's favorite Burberry Trench coat from a friends closet clean out!

1) Look for and invest in a classic color, length and shape. Trench coats come in a wide array of colors and cuts, which we love! Yet, if you are new to the trench coat world, we highly recommend starting your collection with a neutral beige, camel or grey toned trench, in a knee to mid-calf length. These colors and lengths remain timeless and truth be told, if your coat comes with a heavier removable lining you can easily wear this jacket year round (depending on where you live). Northeastern winters only allow for a few days of feasibly pulling that kind of a stunt off...haha!

2) Look for a trench coat that is an appropriate fit for your body. Fam, Jenneka is about 2-3 inches taller than me, this means that sometimes she just looks better in certain lengths and cuts of clothing than me and vice versa. If you try on a trench and it is skimming the floor and/or absolutely shapeless (unless this is an intentionally designed floor length or oversized trench...) just put it back.... hahah. No one wants to bother with tripping over their coat tails or looking like you somehow shrunk inside your jacket. I've tried the look and yes, sometimes it looks very cool while other times...yeah, not so much. So again, just go with what looks right on your body.

3) Make a list of things you want out of your Trench Coat. Do you want something knee length or calf length? Are you looking for one that is water resistant? Do you want a cape style in the back or a more blazer style fit?

4) Be open minded when it comes to different brands and price points. There are so many amazing brands designing beautifully crafted trench coats. From thrift shops to fast fashion brands and local designers alike, some of the best advice we can give is just be on the lookout for a trench coat that fits the criteria of your want list! Again, at the time I'm writing this blog post all of our trench coats have been thrifted or gifted, most are vintage, yet that doesn't mean there aren't amazing trench coats on the market all starting at different price points!

Below we are linking a few of our favorite finds…(Please Note - by clicking or purchasing through the link we may make a small commission)

Licorice Trench by Lattelierstore (Guys I may need to purchase this one for ehhhmm my personal collection....the back detail is positively stunning!)

Essential Trench Coat by Banana Republic

Knee-High Trench Coat By Lattelierstore

Burberry Trench (not shown)

The link to our LTK Trench Coat Round up starting at $19!

We hope you enjoyed this post as much as we have enjoyed compiling it and we do hope that it helps you find your new favorite trench coat!

Lots of Love and Happy Shopping!

Janna & Jenneka

Sibs & Co.

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