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3 Valentine Inspired Cocktail + 1 Lovely Mocktail

Hello Fam! Happy almost Valentine’s Day!!! In honor of this smashing occasion we have concocted 3 cocktails and 1 Mocktail that are sure to be a lovely treat even after this holiday has passed.

First, if you would like to make your drinks a bit more festive feel free to use our Heart Rose Petal Ice Cube recipe.

Now to the drinks!

Cranberry Apple Vodka Spritzer


1.5 - 2oz Apple Vodka

about 6oz Cran-Raspberry seltzer

Lime Wedge

Sugar crystals for rim of glass

5 cranberries chopped

7-10 frozen raspberries (optional)

Sprig of Rosemary or Thyme for garnish

Take lime wedge and rub around rim of glass. Rub rim in sugar crystals until a lovely sugar coating forms. Fill glass with ice and cranberries/berries. Pour in Vodka. Squeeze remainder of lime juice from wedge into the glass. Give a little stir and garnish with your herb sprig.


Up next....

Gin Rose Lemonade


Rose Heart Ice cubes

1.5 - 2oz Quince Gin (Whitely Neil)

Fentamens Rose Lemonade

Lemon Peel for garnish

Rose Petal for garnish

Fill 8oz glass with ice. Add quince gin and top off with lemonade. Then a touch of lemon peel and rose petal for the garnish.

To Your Health!

For our final drink we are serving it up two ways. The first, with alcohol and the second sans alcohol😁

Valentine’s Strawberry Spritzer

(best served in a champagne flute 😁🥂)

Cocktail Ingredients:


3-4 slices freeze dried or regular strawberries

Strawberry Rhubarb Soda (Trader Joe’s)

Strawberry Seltzer

1oz strawberry vodka

Mocktail Ingredients:


3-4 slices freeze dried or regular strawberries

Strawberry Rhubarb soda (Trader Joe’s)

Strawberry Seltzer

The compilation of these drinks is nearly the same - except one obviously omits the alcohol😂🤪.

To begin, place a few ice cubes in a glass. Add strawberries. Next, if you are making the cocktail add Vodka, then add equal parts soda and seltzer. If it is a Mocktail you will have a 1:1 ratio of soda to seltzer.


Until the next post!

X ~ Janna & The Sibs

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