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3 Non-Alcoholic Cocktails to Carry You Way Past Dry January

So truth of the matter.....we 3 Sibs don’t actually drink all that much. Now, with friends we have been known to throw back a drink or four....but on the’s just not a thing. Again, we have the super rare occasion where we have a grapefruit beer with our pizza or have a glass of wine with a super fancy dinner, but again, it’s just not a huge craving we have. With this in mind and knowing some people do a “dry-January” and/or are just cutting back on their alcohol intake - here are 3 Non-Alcoholic Cocktails Jenneka has concocted to “treat yo-self”. 😁

“I Can’t Believe it’s Not Vodka”



Orange juice blend (we used Simply Nature organic Golden Fusion juice blend) but straight up OJ works too. Izze Clementine Sparkling Juice or orange/tangerine seltzer

Pinch of Thyme (chopped to let out that flavor)

Orange slice (for garnish)

Lime slice/peal (for garnish)


Put ice into 8oz glass. Fill glass half way with orange juice blend. Next, add seltzer to just a bit above the glass rim (about another 4oz). Add thyme. Stir. Garnish with orange and lime. Enjoy!

“Mach 2”

(Maybe should have been named “Mach Mule”)



Organic Blueberry Pomegranate juice blend

Apple Ginger seltzer (here we‘ve used Aha brand)

Fresh Cranberries (mix of whole and chopped)

Lime wedge (for juice and garnish)

Sprig Rosemary for garnish.


In Moscow Mule Mug add ice. Fill half mug with juice and other half with seltzer. Squeeze in lime wedge. Add cranberries and give a little mixy mix. Garnish with rosemary sprig!

Sip to your hearts content!

“Ello Ginger”



Bruce Cost Ginger Ale

Ginger Peach Seltzer

1/4 teaspoon freshly zested ginger

1/8 teaspoon crushed coriander

lime peel or mint for garnish


Fill up your good ole fashioned glasses with ice. Pour in half glass ginger ale and half glass ginger seltzer. Zest about 1/4 teaspoon fresh (or fresh frozen) ginger into glass. Add crushed coriander. Stir well. Add lime peel or mint as garnish. Enjoy this delectable digestive aiding drink anytime of the day or night!

We hope this inspired you to create a few “mock- tails” of your own! If you like to watch us making these drinks head on over to our YouTube channel. Would love to know some of the drinks you create!? please feel free to drop a comment or email us direct!

Until the next post!

Sending You lots of Love!

Jenneka & The Sibs


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