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Welcome to the Newly Designed Sibs & Co.

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Hi Fam!

Welcome to the newly launched and redesigned Sibs & Co! We are so glad you stopped by!

First, this revitalized website wouldn’t be possible without the help of our talented friends Anthony and Cloud at . They have such a way of taking a vision and bringing it into reality! Forever and always life will be about the team. These two amazing humans are individuals you want on your team and we are very honored and blessed to be able to not only call them friends but family!

In this newly imagined space, we are thrilled to introduce our online shop - opening July 19th - curated with things we're keen on, as well as items designed and created by us! We will also be adding a Youtube channel filled with a bit of our kinda crazy and organized randomness.

Stay tuned... for more of our favorite recipes, words of faith and inspiration, restaurants, fashion finds, beauty routines, home decor, travel and more....

This blog is dedicated to our Mother and Grandmother and their continued love and legacy!

Relaunching today on June 27, 2020 holds a lot of significance for us as it is sandwiched between the dates of their passing (June 26, 2017 & June 28, 2019). These extraordinary ladies have been driving forces and fuel for many of the inspirations in our lives!

While 2020 may not be the exact year people have expected….here we are! And through it... our continued goal is to choose a spirit of thankfulness and gratitude. Our hope is that you would find joy and encouragement as you join us in life's journey. Always feel free to drop us a comment, would love to hear from you!

Welcome back to the Family! From our hearts to yours,

Janna, Jared and Jenneka X ~ The Sibs

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