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Use Your Words (Part 1)

“Never loose a chance of saying a kind word.”

~William Makepeace Thackeray

Ahhhh the power of the tongue! When it comes to words there is so much one can say...literally! And yet, sometimes there are things that should not be said! But, today we focus on the former.

Have you ever seen a person in passing and thought, “that person has style!” Well, today I encourage you...tell them...even in this crazy Covid world and really now more than ever, the human connection of a kind word from even a stranger has the power to change someone’s day....for the better! So, next time you see an opportunity to speak a kind word into someone’s life....DO IT!

Have a great week Fam! You are doing better than you think You are! 💖💖💖

X ~ Janna & The Sibs



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