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Tejano – BBQ Burritos in Montréal

During our past visit to Montréal not only did we arrive a bit later in the day then originally planned... but...we were also met with a bit of SNOW!

As we unpacked our stuffed car...we decided it would be nice to try a new-to-the area BBQ Burrito restaurant that was a two minute walk from our cozy Like-A-Hotel apartment. 

Arriving at our destination, we were met with the lingering aroma of yummy burritos, the friendliness of the staff, the warmth of the heat....and...lots of options!

We decided to go for the whole enchilada....or should we say burrito. We ordered 2 beef, 2 pork and 1 Chicken....all fully loaded on wheat tortillas...with a mix of their spicy and mild sauces and alternating between their homemade queso and guacamole. Oh and just a little fyi...they also serve a meatless bean burrito and they also serve Burrito Bowls....a burrito sans tortilla (more of a gluten free option), salad and tacos.

The entire Tejano team was fantastic! Seriously the Burrito League was assembled! And it was then time for the moment of truth...

It was love at first bite!!!!

We sat down and soon polished off a good portion of our Burritos and chips.

We know...a fork isn't exactly proper protocol when taking on a Burrito....but...for this one breaking tradition really works...on all levels!

As our pace slowed, plates became empty and water glasses were filled some more (watch out...that Chipotle arbol salsa will clear your sinuses right up...but boy is it good!) We decided to end the evening with something sweet...

Tejano Chocolate Chili cookies were the perfect end to a glorious meal. A warm sweetness filled our mouths with every bite and as our meal came to an end we all wished we had room to start all over again!



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