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Meet Kato and An Edgy End Of Summer Look

As the summer wanes and after all that has transpired for us this summer, we decided that a little random fun might be nice. Enter the Cat on a leash and one of my favorite looks from this summer.

Meet Kato, the bored looking cat in these photos. Honestly, this guy found us (like they all do)....It was early October last year and Mom, Jen and I decided to take our 3 pups for a leash walk around our little pond. On our 3rd lap around I could't help but wonder what sort of bird made such an odd little squeak. My train of though was broken by Jen pulling Muddy (pit bull/lab mix) to an abrupt halt and letting out an "Oh My Gosh!"Mom and I were a bit frantic..."What?!.. What?!?!" Jen turned and said... "There is a kitten...and I don't think it has legs!"I handed Nalo, the largest (Rhodesian Ridgeback) of the group to Mom who was holding onto Kelly the smallest (basset/ beagle mix) of our pack. I ran to the squeaks....looking back at Jen as I scooped up this tiny package and said, "Really Jen.....he has all 4 legs....he is just really tiny!"  Honestly, we have seen plenty of cats over the years...but this was by far the smallest most kitten like cat we had ever seen!We called Jared to bring home goats milk because we started looking into what to do with 3 week old kittens....and of course Jared was like...oh NO....NO we are not keeping another cat! Dad was indifferent and by the time Jared got home he just wanted to hold the little guy! Jared is a pushover when it comes to cute and cuddly judgement 📷The deal became simple....if we didn't have a name by the the time we were taking him to the vet the next day he would be up for adoption.At breakfast the next morning all the guys frantically threw out names (Jared isn't the only one on the landscaping crew with a soft spot for baby animals.) Cannot say I had ever seen grown men pleading to keep a little kitten like these guys. It was pretty cute. Almost as cute as the name Kato. Brian and Dad thought it like the Green Hornets sidekick...a lot feisty....and yup...we were sold!We honestly couldn't have asked for a better cat! Kato loves car rides and hanging out with his dogs, going to Williams Lumber and just generally getting into all kinds of kitty mischief. (He stole a set of keys, dragged away a dish sponge...ripped down clothes from our closet...climbs on your leg thinking its a tree...pounces on you in the middle of the night...but those are stories for another time.)And that is how Kato found us...and how he now makes guest appearances in our fashion shoots 📷

Culottes and Denim Top : H&M

Crop Tank : Victoria's Secret

Glasses: Burberry

Sneakers: Diane Von Furstenburg (last season)

Bracelet, Earrings and Large Ring: Vintage

Small Rings: H&M

Kato's face kills us has "Eeeewwww gross!!!!! She is kissing me guys!" written all over it!

Cheers to relaxing summer days spent with people...and pets 📷

X ~ The Sibs + Kato

Janna, Jared and Jenneka

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