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Johnny Mañanas Oceanside, CA

 Johnny Mañanas is one of those places that once you've had something off their will have a hankering for it until you can get it again! This, was the case for us. We literally got off the plane and drove 50 minutes from San Diego to Oceanside. Talk about a slight addiction... trust us during our 2 weeks in Cali....we tried to frequent as much as possible... so step in and join us 🙂

This cute little spot on Mission Ave, is a local favorite, and with friendly staff (really these ladies are the best and Johnny is an absolute gem), live music on the weekends, and beyond reasonably priced, super tasty authentic Mexican food, it's always an unforgettable experience!

We chose our spot on the patio and browsed the menu for some of our favorite standbys.

We started with a plate of their famous "keep you busy chips," fully loaded with beans, cheese and served with a side of fresh made house salsa. (They make their Salsa fresh every morning....WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND...seriously it's something you can devour by the bowl and spoonful...although their chips are mighty fine as well.

As we waited for our various Burritos and Quesadillas to come out we listened to the music, took a few photos sporting our Johnny Mañana shirts and posed with some of the adorable painted creatures... oh and non painted ones too 🙂

Don't worry Jen "Tucan" do it! Only a few more minutes until...

Food time!!!!

Some of our favorite Burritos are;

The Surf and Turf

The Chorizo, Egg, Potato breakfast burrito... and

The Carne Asada....yet again, you cannot go wrong with anything on the menu.

Janna had been pining away for the fresh shrimp Quesadilla....which happens to be an all around group fave. There's really something special about the Quesadillas, but don't just take our word for it 🙂

As the birds chirped overhead, we continued to relish every bite!

It's safe to say Johnny's is a family favorite! We tend to leave empty plates in our wake everytime!

We concluded the meal with conversation and coffee served in special Johnny Mañana mugs.

With happy bellies and more wonderful memories made, this place always manages to leave our hearts full to the brim!

X ~ The Sibs

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