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How to Cope with the Unexpected

So Fam....truth of the matter...the inspiration for the post you are reading is this. I’ve been trying to upload our next YouTube video since last week. I tried a substitute video and let’s just say, nothing has been working. I’ve tried all of the forum tutorials, made sure a million times over everything is in the right format...and nada! Zilch! Nothing Worked! There are a myriad of examples from this week alone of unplanned things popping up! Hahah let’s just say more than a few of my “scheduled plans” may have gotten a little messed up.🙄 And honestly with all of the crazy busyness in our lives as of late, the most important thing to me was staying consistent with our content.😂 In a way, thank God that goal is being met but...definitely not in any way shape or form that I thought! Now, this “issue” when looking at the grand scheme of things and life in general is quite a comical “unexpected thing.” At times, I can still find myself deep down wanting to stress and get frustrated. Yet, this past week every time I felt myself wanting to get super annoyed...I paused...and thought “this is something I cannot control” (most of the “unforeseen” things are). When you have zero control of the outcome, all you can do is try to get to the bottom of it in the best way you can! Now, Trust me when I say there are sooo many worse unforeseen moments in life than not being able to upload content🙄 If I’m gonna be very real....experiencing sickness or death of someone close are wayyyyy worse! Many of us have lived through very hard circumstances and through these instances a few lessons have been gleaned along the way.

1. Understand we are not in Control while Understanding the only Control we do have is how we Respond to a Situation. Under moments of duress and stress do you find yourself lashing out or do you pause and weigh your circumstances? Ask yourself, “is there something I can actively do to change the outcome“ or “is it a moment that requires just one foot in front of the other?” “Is this a moment where I need to pause and take a break?”

2. Pinpoint what is causing stress and deal with it! If you can change something it. The worst thing you can do is procrastinate when it comes to doing the things you know you have to do but are trying to put it off, creating this long drawn out agonizing internal struggle. And if you can’t deal with something because it is out of your control....then LET IT GO!

3. Find Joy through the pain. This one is tough and may take time. Looking on the bright side and finding the silver lining may be an arduous task but in the end the outcome changes perspective. In a lighter example...not being able to upload that stupid video gave inspiration for this post.

Know this, that whatever unforeseen, or unexpected circumstance you many be going through at the moment you aren’t alone! You will get through and come out stronger than before!

Sending lots of love,

Janna & The Sibs

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