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Choosing Thanksgiving Everyday

When we were little, leading up to one Thanksgiving Mom had us start a “Thanksgiving” journal. Here in, we were assigned to write at the very least, one thing we were thankful for everyday. But, here is the thing....Mom loved it so much....that she decided to have us keep our Thanksgiving journals all year round! One year turned two, two...three.....I think you’re starting to get the picture here.😉

Now, contrary to some possible beliefs....we didn’t grow up living a perfectly charmed life with not a care in the world....rather dare I say we had some very rough patches. (I think we appreciate a good meal because we had so many not so good ones/none at all). Yet, as I was going through some of our memory boxes earlier this year I stumbled across a few of these “Thanksgiving” journals. Now, I will say....reading through some of Moms entries full on made me weep! Okay, fine...I sobbed...full on fell on the floor ugly sob! (Yup...she did the assignment too...because she wanted to lead by example.) What truly got me, was even through hard times...she CHOSE to have a heart posture of thankfulness. I saw a few of our journals too and honestly we all were just so grateful for the small things (even when I KNOW we didn’t feel like things were great.) Be it just another day earth side, or that we saw a hummingbird or that it was a beautiful sunny day or a quiet rainy day....the perspective made even that which could be deemed dreary...Dreamy! Again it was about perspective, choosing to be thankful was a personal reminder that there is always something to be grateful for and that good things are still happening even amid the bad. It was just a matter of choosing to look for those moments and see it! Reading these entries honestly reinspired me to continue to make the decision to look at the world through the lens of gratitude. So, while this Holiday season could very well be one of the hardest for many...let us not loose heart, let us CHOOSE to see through the perspective and posture of Thanksgiving. And so, we challenge you...from now until Thanksgiving, pick one thing each day to be Thankful matter how small you think it may day you will look back and realize the small things sometimes make the biggest difference.

Sending you lots of love!

~ The Sibs

Janna, Jared & Jenneka

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